About us

Company Overview

Toumetis is a leading provider of predictive analytics solutions for the electrical distribution industry. It has a long history of applying cutting edge data science and application development to various Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) challenges. It is taking that expertise to the electrical distribution industry to enable utility companies to predict and mitigate power outages. The company consists of data scientists, electrical engineers and software engineers all with a wealth of expertise in the electrical distribution industry that informs and fuels solution development.

Who we are

Toumetis is a dynamic and growing company which takes the rapid innovation seen in the tech industry and applies it to the stable but evolving electrical distribution industry. Our data scientists, data analysts and developers are using cutting edge technology blended with a solid base of subject matter expertise to solve some of the hardest technical challenges in the electrical distribution industry.

How we work

Toumetis offers an open workspace where daily scrums facilitate collaboration and goal alignment. All teams are working towards the same product and the same goals which means developers, data scientists and data analysts are consistently working together and learning from each other. Software development follows modern agile methodologies and the data science work is a blend of the latest research and rapid deployment of models that add immediate business value.

What it’s like

Toumetis has an informal culture and a flexible work environment which allows employees to work in a way that is most efficient and convenient for them while accommodating personal interests and encouraging a productive work-life balance. Remote/office working is a hybrid model that asks all employees to visit the office at least once a week. The office is open for use any day of the week for those that wish.

Where you’ll find us

Our UK office is located on the River Avon in the heart of scenic Bristol, amid dynamic cultural and historic surroundings. The US office is located in Boise, Idaho and perfectly suited to an energetic outdoor community. Many employees walk or bike to work and take advantage of dozens of nearby coffee shops, bars, restaurants and shops.