Optimize services, grow profit margins

Both profitability and loyalty rely on a strong connection between telecom providers and their customers on the other end of the line. To stay in ever-present service to a vast spectrum of individuals—and their exponentially increasing number of interconnected devices—there’s a whole new game changer out there. Brought on by the endless possibilities of the IoT, explore the new business models and processes now available to the telecommunications industry that could reduce outages and failures to retain maximum customer loyalty and profit margins at once.

Always in service

The IoT is making waves in the telecom industry—bringing on new opportunities to optimize revenue streams and increase customer loyalty through predictive analytics. Cut out unexpected outages, as well as better predict and analyze the behavior of your expansive client base to boost overall retention. Using highly sophisticated but intuitive tools, Toumetis is helping tomorrow’s telecom industry leaders with the technology solutions and change management experience required to stay ahead of the competition.

Cascadence Desktop

Predictive analytics using sophisticated pattern recognition and anomaly detection

On the edge solution implemented at the source of data collection

Algorithms easily customized to your specific devices and applications

Intuitive user interface that’s easy to use across your organization (pricing and loyalty teams, sales consultants, customer and technical support)

IoT breakthroughs in real time

Helping multiple-system operators (MSO) and telecom providers gather data and monitor it intelligently is only part of the challenge—and opportunity—of the new industrial revolution. Data must be interpreted, managed, secured, and transformed into growing value. Toumetis knows the territory, and helps telecom providers navigate key data issues including:

Database Icon

Data ownership including security, access permissions, and rights

Data management to avoid shifting through unwieldy masses of data, and extract the relevant, quality intelligence needed

Accuracy of predictions to detect likely opportunties and avoid costly false alarms

Business value that can only be gained by empowering an organization to conquer technical and adoption issues