Optimize production, reduce downtime

It’s an increasingly high pressure environment in the oil and gas industry. Facing downward commodity prices unseen in decades, staying competitive in this environment is tougher than ever. Battling low margins and high risk, petroleum enterprises need to reduce downtime, optimize operations, and stretch the value gained from every dollar of Capex and Opex invested. All the while, they need make operations safer, often in some of the most rugged, far-flung work sites imaginable. The Industrial Internet of Things opens a route to unlocking hidden value and unprecedented productivity gains from the reservoir to the refinery. In real time.

The data/information challenge

Though already a highly automated and connected industry, oil and gas enterprises today continue to be challenged with a deluge of data from their instrumented assets. So how do companies turn that around to make this onslaught of information instrumental to operations? By deploying Cascadence, our breakthrough IoT platform, Toumetis shows enterprises how to extract the value from this raw, untapped data, so they can continue to prosper in the turbulent environments of today and tomorrow.

Cascadence Desktop

Machine learning using pattern recognition and anomaly detection

On the edge solution implemented at the source of data collection

Algorithms easily customized to your specific equipment and applications

Intuitive user interface that’s easy to use across your organization (production engineer, field service tech, domain expert)

A proven track record in the field

If this was easy, everyone would be doing it already. To realize the promise of the Industrial IoT in the digital oilfield, you want an experienced guide. You need a trusted partner—an expert at navigating the deployment of the required data technologies to reach actionable results you can count on. The Toumetis team has a proven track record along the petroleum industry chain. From upstream production optimization through midstream pipeline surveillance to artificial intelligence that supports downstream process valve profiling and predictive maintenance, Cascadence taps into time series, machine learning, and data management technologies to positively impact operators’ bottom lines. Toumetis knows the territory, and helps companies navigate key data issues, including:

Database Icon

Data ownership including security, access permissions, and rights

Data management to avoid shifting through unwieldy masses of data, and extract the relevant, quality intelligence needed

Accuracy of predictions to detect likely failures and avoid costly false alarms

Business value that can only be gained by empowering an organization to conquer technical and adoption issues

Solution example: predictive maintenance for compressor bearings

Battling low margins and high risk, oil and gas enterprises need to reduce downtime, optimize operations and stretch the value gained from every investment. Artificial intelligence can be used in numerous ways to optimize performance and improve uptime. In this demonstration, the Toumetis machine learning platform uses repair log, sensor data and a machine learning algorithm to predict the failure of a compressor used in oil production.