Innovate, or else

Today’s tough competitors are evolving business practices to drive down costs—as well as offer more differentiated products and services to customers. In manufacturing, this often boils down to identifying and scaling manufacturing efficiencies across multiple platforms. In the age of the Industrial IoT, this may not be easy, but it’s game-changing. You can forecast machine failures to reduce unscheduled downtime. Leverage operating capacity and reduce expenses. Even respond faster to customer support. Toumetis is helping tomorrow’s industry leaders with the technology solutions and change management experience required to stay ahead of the competition.

Creating manufacturing breakthroughs with Industrial IoT

Data drives innovation. That is, if the right solutions are in place to easily extract, sort, and interpret the information to drive greater business learning and value. Manufacturers today are inundated with data, but the ability to quickly and cost-effectively use that information for operational advantage is often too daunting of a challenge. Toumetis helps manufacturers move at the speed of data with our Cascadence solution:

Cascadence Desktop

Machine learning using pattern recognition and anomaly detection

On the edge solution implemented at the source of the data collection

Algorithms easily customized to your specific machines or applications

Intuitive user interface to learn and easy to use across your organization (production engineer, field engineer, domain expert)

In IoT, experience pays

Helping manufacturers gather data and monitor it intelligently is only part of the challenge—and opportunity—of the new industrial revolution. Data must be interpreted, managed, secured, and transformed into growing value. Toumetis knows the territory, and helps manufacturers navigate key data issues including:

Database Icon

Data ownership including security, access permissions, and rights

Data management to avoid shifting through unwieldy masses of data, and extract the relevant, quality intelligence needed

Accuracy of predictions to detect likely failures and avoid costly false alarms

Business value that can only be gained by empowering an organization to conquer technical and adoption issues