Tout: fr Everything. Metis: gk Wisdom

Company Snapshot

Toumetis is a leading provider of predictive analytics solutions for a smarter Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Combined with our advanced machine learning capabilities, the flexible Cascadence™ platform helps Fortune-1000 companies improve efficiency, quality and throughput by distributing highly efficient algorithms that enable asset performance data to be intelligently cascaded to stakeholders in secure, permission-based views. Working across North America and Europe, our team of industry-leading data scientists and developers bring more than 50 years of experience in predictive analytics and machine learning to take your IIoT solution from concept to completion in weeks or months, not years.

Who We Are

Toumetis is a dynamic company in a rapidly growing market. Our machine learning and consulting teams are working on the cutting-edge of the Industrial IoT revolution. These attributes create great opportunities for collaboration and problem solving at all positions within the company.

How We Work

Our casual culture and fun work environment fosters creativity, with frequent team lunches and company-sponsored sports that encourage team building and personal growth. A flexible work schedule accommodates personal interests and encourages a productive work-life balance.  Spouses and children frequently join the Toumetis family in group events and activities.

What It’s Like

Toumetis offers an open workspace where daily scrums facilitate collaboration and goal alignment. Employees share a frosty beverage and discuss departmental progress and industry dynamics at informal team briefings. Company meetings keep all informed on corporate strategies and execution and offer an open forum to collaborate and share ideas.

Where You’ll Find Us

Our UK office is located in the heart of scenic Bristol, right on the river Anon with dynamic cultural surroundings and deep maritime history. The US office is located in Boise, Idaho and perfectly suited to an energetic outdoor community. Many employees walk or bike to work and take advantage of dozens of nearby coffee shops, bars, restaurants and retail shops.

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