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Predictive Analytics
for a Smarter IoT

Our proven platform for predictive analytics and machine learning is all about speed, and designed for all screens. We named it Cascadence™, because this platform summarizes quality data at the edge and intelligently cascades it to stakeholders in secure, permission-based views. Instead of pushing massive amounts of data to unwieldy data lakes in the cloud, Cascadence uses an in-memory approach that enables fast data processing in small storage devices.

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Integrating Mobile and Open Standards

Unlike many IoT analytics providers, Toumetis is highly versed in mobile development. So Cascadence interfaces incorporate the conventions mobile device users expect for visualization, notification, and interaction—as well as integration with back-end systems that access and process mobile device data. We tailor IoT solutions with custom features, while incorporating TensorFlow standards to leverage open standards and a vast breadth of intelligence and machine learning data.

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Triple Threat

Toumetis brings together large-scale mobile design, advanced data science, and an extremely efficient IoT platform so you can see your world through the lens of actionable data.

Toumetis Augmented Reality mobile application used to check a commercial cooling system
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Interoperable and IoT Capable


Exceeding 2 million app downloads and serving over a quarter million active users, our solutions incorporate HTML5 standards, location-based services, media tags, CSS, offline data stores, security and application cache, as well as custom-built features.


Toumetis solutions are fast, scalable, and designed to work across all screens and operating systems: iOS, Mac OS X, Android, Blackberry, Chrome OS, Windows Phone 8 and Windows OS. Our IoT solutions integrate predictive analytics and real-time data dashboards with the conventions mobile device users expect—all powered by our Cascadence™ platform and incorporating TensorFlow open source standards.

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Weeks, Not Years

Mobile and IoT solutions need to work in the moment with lightning-fast responsiveness. Having brought these solutions from first meeting to deployment in weeks, Toumetis has made speed and efficiency pervasive in our work style. We bring you a network methodology proven to use less time and less code. Our flat team approach eradicates bureaucracy and fuels collaboration.

Large-Scale Project Experience

Our consulting, development, and data science approaches have been honed through years of real-world experience, and a fine-tuned workflow designed to:

  • Identify and evaluate potential risks at every stage in the cycle
  • Work in sprints to speed evaluation and avoid change-related costs
  • Encourage stakeholder evaluation at critical points
  • Develop and test prototypes at frequent intervals
  • Emphasize collaboration among employees, vendors, clients, and customers
  • Utilize HTML5 in one-off cross-platform development