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Advanced Machine Learning
for a Smarter Industrial IoT

Reduce complexity and increase scale.

Toumetis is a leading provider of machine learning solutions for industrial operators. Our innovative technology helps Fortune-1000 companies improve efficiency, quality and throughput by transforming vast amounts of data into actionable information — intelligence that can transform business operations and enable new revenue generation.

Rapidly transform massive IoT data into profitable business outcomes.

Cascadence™ — a product of Toumetis, Inc. — utilizes advanced machine learning technologies to gain intelligence from highly complex and diverse data. Our solutions train themselves to identify patterns and anomalies so you can scale the management of highly distributed assets and accurately predict performance issues and optimization opportunities. We bring a blend of expertise to ensure your IIoT investments generate the greatest return on investment.

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Toumetis provides expertise in:

  • Applied data science and solution consulting to develop and deploy machine learning in the industrial world.
  • Data technologies required to ingest, store, process and securely manage large and diverse data.
  • Serving and rendering compelling visualizations and workflows to support intelligence delivery.
  • Bridging the gap between the traditional operational technologies of the industrial world and information technologies of cloud computing, big data and the IoT.
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Industry Proven, Rapidly Deployed, Highly Scalable


Industry Proven and IIoT Capable

Working across North America and Europe, our team of industry-leading data scientists and developers bring more than 50 years of experience in machine learning to take your IIoT solution from concept to completion in weeks or months, not years.


Rapid Deployment

Industrial IoT solutions need to work in the moment to identify and address real-world business challenges. Our consulting, development, and data science approaches have been honed through years of real-world experience and a proven development methodology that provides:

  • Business knowledge to achieve desired objectives
  • Data understanding to inform collection and analysis
  • Comprehensive modeling for effective data mining
  • Thorough evaluation for ensured effectiveness
  • Automated continuous improvement
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Large Scale Project Experience

While it may be possible to manually monitor a small number of IIoT assets and identify when they are deviating from normal operation, Toumetis’ machine learning technology enables this at a massive scale, 24 hours a day. Our solutions are developed to support millions of data points from thousands of assets to support industrial operators of any size.

Custom Solutions Across Industries

Created by Toumetis and already in use in some of the world’s premier IoT applications, the Cascadence platform has broad application across sectors within the Industrial Internet of Things:

  • Manufacturing
  • Oil & Gas
  • Telecommunications
  • Energy